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1O1O is dedicated to providing you with support, whether you are in Hong Kong or overseas. Our customers can contact us on the following numbers:

Customer Service Hotlines
General Customer Service Hotline: 2888 1010
International toll-free hotline: + 800 2888 1010
China toll-free hotline: 400 120 1010
Business Customer Service Hotline
Business Customer Hotline: 2304 1010

Note: our toll-free hotline is available in 29 countries. For details please click here.

My Mobile Bill
You can view the bill, check the payment due date and then pay the bill. You can also check the bill details, unbill usage, and even the payment history as well.
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Apply for / Change of Service
You can apply for or change of e-Bill, apply for or cancel printed call details. Moreover, you can apply for many other services like IDD & Roaming.

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Useful Information
Here provides you with much useful information like Introduction of e-Bill, Payment Methods and Bill Checking Demo.
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Customer Service Hotline: 2888 1010    1O1O Product Hotline: 2988 1010
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