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The new iPhone Service Plan becomes effective on 19 September 2014.
Please click here for details.

1O1O iPhone Service Plan
Monthly FeeΔ $317 $387 $467 $587
Basic Voice Minutes Unlimited
Local Mobile Data Usage
Local Mobile Data Usage Reference Table
Remark: The above data usage is for reference only. Actual usage may vary due to file size.
1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Intra-network SMS 10,000
WiFi Hotspot Data Usage# Unlimited
IDD Minutes* 100
International SMS 10
MMS 200
Complimentary Exclusive Services#
  • 3-month WeChat Data Package
  • 10GB uHub Cloud Storage
  • "Newsic Daily free music and entertainment service
  • nowTV on mobile
- now TV BPL Channel
Roaming Special Offers# With "KingKing" Connected to Wi-Fi,
unlimited roaming voice calls to Hong Kong
iPhone Connection Price
iPhone 5s (16GB) $290 $0 $0 $0
iPhone 5s (32GB) $680 $0 $0 $0
iPhone 5s (64GB) $2,630 $1,760 $760 $0
iPhone 5c (16GB) $300 $0 $0 $0
iPhone 5c (32GB) $1,080 $210 $0 $0
  You can earn extra Asia Miles™ or ClubBest™ points once only for subscribing to this Service Plan. Please visit any 1O1O centre for details.Asia Miles™ and ClubBest™ terms and conditions apply.

Optional Top-up Data Package $28/100MB or $99/GB
Terms and Conditions apply.

Δ Device connection: You are required to subscribe to this Service Plan and designated Value Added Service(s) of not less than $38 per month simultaneously for a Commitment Period of 24 months. If your selected VAS is terminated or cancelled at any time within the Commitment Period, you will have to select another VAS so that the total monthly fee of VAS subscribed by you shall not be less than $38 per month. Prepayment (amount depending on your chosen device and Service Plan subscription) is required and the prepayment amount will be credited into your 1O1O account by installments during the Commitment Period. SIM connection: You are required to subscribe to this Service Plan for a Commitment Period of 24 months. You are required to pay a MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/ Administration Fee of $12 per month
* Service Plan included IDD Minutes only apply to voice calls made in Hong Kong to the following 13 destinations: China, Macau, Taiwan, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Australia but excludes voice calls made to premium numbers (being numbers other than normal fixed and mobile numbers, e.g. infoline numbers or special service numbers, where premium rates may apply to calls to these premium numbers) and satellite numbers of these destinations. For details of the Thereafter Charges and other IDD Charges, please refer to our website
# Wi-Fi Service:
Unlimited Wi-Fi usage at designated Wi-Fi hotspots for Wi-Fi enabled devices. For details, please refer to
uHub Cloud Storage:
uHub Cloud Storage is a revolutionary cloud-based digital content storage service. You can save data in the uHub external cloud storage system, which enables you to retrieve it from any location served by Internet access. For details, please refer to
King King
Offer only applicable for designated monthly plan customers. IDD charges will apply if making calls to non-Hong Kong phone numbers. Charges for Wi-Fi connectivity and IDD or roaming charges (if any) are additional. For details, please visit
The Newsic app provides music to suit mood, place and time for your lifestyle enjoyment. For details, please refer to
Viewing of financial info, news, sports and entertainment programs 24 hours a day on mobile devices. Service available from 1 Nov 2014. For details, please refer to
now TV BPL Channel
The service is available from August 2014 when BPL season kicks off until the end of the 2015/16 BPL season. now TV BPL Channel is only free to Primary SIM of designated Service Plan subscribers with Commitment Period and view on mobile device. If customers are using local mobile data to view BPL content on mobile, the utilized data usage will be deducted from the entitlement of the service plan. For service details, please refer at
1. Intra-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to other 1O1O, csl and New World Mobility customers and is subject to a monthly quota of 10,000 SMS units ("Quota"). Inter-network SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to users of other Hong Kong networks. International SMS is text SMS sent within Hong Kong to users of overseas networks. Within the monthly Quota, you can enjoy sending any Inter-network SMS at $0.6 per SMS and International SMS at $2 per SMS. The Inter-network SMS and International SMS will be counted towards the Quota. If the usage exceeds the Quota, the Thereafter Charge is $0.2 per Intra-network SMS; $0.8 per Inter-network SMS; and $3 per International SMS.
2. Local Thereafter Charge for MMS: $2 per MMS.
3. The local Mobile Data service will stop when you use up the monthly local Mobile Data usage included in your Service Plan and will resume at the beginning of the next bill month.
4. When your local Mobile Data usage reaches around 70% or such other level as may be specified by us from time to time (“Specified Data Usage Level”) and around 100% of the local Mobile Data usage of your Service Plan, notification will be sent to you by (a) SMS and/or (b) email (to the email address given by you for receiving Local Data Usage Alert after verification) (“Local Data Usage Alert”).
5. We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, mis-delivery or failure to send or receive any Local Data Usage Alert.
6. Not all devices support SMS and/or other services included in the Service Plan. You should check whether your device is able to receive SMS and support any services included in the Service Plan.
7. Unless otherwise specified, Service Plan included usage applies to local use only.
8. Unless otherwise specified, Service Plan included usage will be calculated on a per minute basis. Any usage of less than one minute will be counted as one minute.
9. When you use the Call Waiting service and are connected to more than one telephone line, airtime will be calculated according to the total time spent on all connected lines during call waiting.
10. Any unused usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month and will be forfeited at the end of each bill month.
11. Only certain devices support the 3G or 4G network.
12. Actual speeds experienced will be considerably less than the theoretical speeds obtainable on a 3G/4G network and may vary due to internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, usage levels and other factors.
13. You expressly understand and agree that your use of the Mobile Service is at your sole risk, and the Mobile Service is provided on an "AS-IS" and "AS-AVAILABLE" basis and that we expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, mis-delivery or failure to store any user communications or personalization settings or for any damage to your Mobile Equipment or any other equipment or device or loss of data that results from the download of any materials, data or information. You expressly relieve us from any and all liabilities arising from the access or use of any part of the Mobile Service.
14. Terms and conditions of the services included in the Service Plan (if any and if applicable) apply, for details please refer to our website
15. We reserve the right to terminate or change these Service Plans, offers or terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please refer to our website or visit our shops for the latest version. We reserve the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.
Terms and Conditions apply.

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