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Buy Now Pay Later | 24+1 installment plan

Pay as little as HK$200 in average monthly installments for first 24 months

(Calculation is based on iPhone 13 mini (128GB) at suggested retail price HK$5,999)

iPhone 13

(Suggested retail price: HK$6,799)

Paying by low-priced from HK$227 monthly installments for first 24 months

iPhone 13 mini

(Suggested retail price: HK$5,999)

Paying by low-priced from HK$200 monthly installments for first 24 months

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

(Suggested retail price: from HK$14,598)

Paying by low-priced from HK$487 monthly installments for first 24 months

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

(Suggested retail price: HK$8,298)

Paying by low-priced from HK$277 monthly installments for first 24 months

Additional Privilege


Handsets accessories coupon#

(When subscribing to a designated
5G prestige service)


“HKT Flexi 24+1 Installment Plan” is provided by HKT Flexi Limited (Money Lender’s Licence Number: 0866/2021)under the service brand of HKT Flexi, subject to the terms and conditions.

Warning: You have to repay your loans.
Don't pay any intermediary.

Terms & Conditions:
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
“Buy Now, Pay Later” refers to customers settling payments by monthly installment when they purchase products or services, and make repayments regularly at applicable interest rates.
Customers using the HKT Flexi mobile application to apply for and draw down a loan (“HKT Flexi 24 + 1 installment plan”) to make a purchase of above handset at suggested retail price at 1O1O are eligible to pay by installments in the following ways: For the first 24 months: pay 80% of the handset price. For the 25th month: pay the remaining 20% of the handset price. The average monthly installments for first 24 months is calculated based on above model at product price. The monthly repayment amount includes full interest rebate and it is for reference only. The interest is calculated based on the annualized percentage rate of 0% -27.45%. Customer is required to make the monthly repayment on time in order to enjoy the full interest rebate from “HKT Flexi 24+1 installment plan”. HKT Flexi Limited reserves the absolute right to approve the Customer’s loan application and Terms and conditions apply. HKT Flexi Limited accepts no liability for the quality of or any other matters relating to the goods, products and/or services provided by CSL Mobile Limited.
“HKT Flexi 24+1 installment plan” is provided by HKT Flexi Limited (Money Lender’s Licence Number: 0866/2021) under the service brand of HKT Flexi, subject to the terms and conditions. For enquiries and details , please go to www.hktflexi.com or call +852 2888 2258.
* The service is applicable to specific model of mobile device or SD card. Please contact our shop staff for details. Back up time to Cloud may vary according to model and depends on volume of content. Data-transfer effectiveness is determined by device/SD Card model. Not all types of data and/or content can be transferred with the same degree of success. CSL Mobile Limited adopts best practice, but cannot guarantee all data and/or content is transferred without loss. The customer is responsible for backing up data and/or content on a mobile device before using Card to Cloud Service.
CSL Mobile Limited expressly disclaims any liability for loss (including loss of data and content) or damage (including damage to mobile devices) suffered by the customer or any other persons arising, directly or indirectly, from the data transfer Function.
CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right, at its discretion, not to proceed with data transfer Function. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited’s decision shall be final. You should arrive at a designated 1O1O center 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment. If you are 30 minutes late, or fail to attend an appointment without notice, the free service becomes invalid. Card-to-Cloud Service does not include payment for cloud subscription, purchase fees or mobile data charges arising from back-up activity. Customers can only book one time slot at a time. The service will transfer data from one phone to another during each appointment. The service is applicable only to designated 1O1O customers; please contact our shop staff for details. This service is applicable to customers with designated reservations (Value$298).
# Applicable to HKT Flexi customers. Customers have to subscribe to the designated 5G prestige service with the designated commitment period service to enjoy a $400 mobile phone accessory gift voucher. Subject to terms and conditions. For the details, please check with 1O1O staff.