This handsome new model’s 6.76-inch, 88˚ OLED Horizon Display and curved design amount to a refreshingly new handset experience. What’s more, the Ultra Vision Cine Camera enables the user to capture magic moments with the utmost precision – anytime, anywhere. And the Kirin 9000 furnishes you with an ultra-fast 5G experience.

Subscribe to a designated 5G Prestige service and enjoy multiple privileges

1O1O’s 5G service
with a limited-availability offer^

Get an extra 30GB of local data per month with which to experience our ultra high-speed 5G network

5G entertainment

MOOV 24 bit Music Service~

Studio-quality music experience. Your music deserves the best, the very best.

csl. 5G
Multi Angle VR App*

Great K-pop music television programs and immerse yourself in the show using Virtual Reality.

Earn $5,000 and Redeem
HUAWEI Mobile accessories

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro
Ring Light Case

Normally HK$358

HUAWEI SuperCharge
Wireless Charger Stand (Max 50W)

Normally HK$398

Band 4e Active

Normally HK$169

HUAWEI 12000 66W
SuperCharge Power Bank

Normally HK$498


Discover fine members of the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

^ Terms & Conditions:
1. Promotion period valid until further notice.
2. Customer must subscribe to a designated 80GB 1O1O 5G Prestige service plan and designated VAS (if applicable) to the value of at least HK$39/month, and agree to a commitment period of 24 months. MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month and prepayment sum payable. The prepaid sum will be rebated to your 1O1O account by installments over the commitment period. If you terminate the service before expiry of the commitment period, you will need to pay an early termination charge immediately. This amounts to the sum of the monthly fees for the remainder of the commitment period, as described in the application, and we may charge you the full value of any premiums you received. An extra 30GB of local 5G data per month is applicable only to the commitment period for subscribing to the 80GB or above 5G service plans. For 5G service plan with 50GB/80GB/100GB basic local data entitlement, both your basic and top up entitlement support at most 20GB for tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions. Other applications of tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions are subject to Terms & Conditions. For more details, please go to visit https://www.1010-5g.com/en/5g-service-plan.html.
3. Activating the 5G function requires you to subscribe to a designated 5G Prestige service plan. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is available only at designated locations when using a compatible device. Actual speeds experienced will be less than the specifications suggest and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other factors. 3G and/or 4G mobile service provided outside our 5G coverage.
4. Photos for reference only. Offer available while stocks last.
5. The Clubpoints calculation and redemption are subject to Terms and Conditions of Club HKT Limited. For details, please visit www.theclub.com.hk
6. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, offers or promotions.
7. In the event of dispute, decisions made by CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding. For details, please contact a member of 1O1O Center staff or call 2988 1010.
~ MOOV 24 bit Music Service Free trial (Handset Bundle) Terms & Conditions
1. The promotional period of free trial MOOV 24 bit Music Service (“Promotion”) is from June 5, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
2. 1O1O customer is eligible to get two months free trial of MOOV 24 bit Music Service (“Service”) for free when you purchase designated 5G monthly service plan and the customer can enjoy a special offer to subscribe MOOV 24 bit Music Service at HK$68 per month after the free trial. Service automatically renew until cancelled. If you do not agree to continue subscribe the service after free trial, 7 days prior notice is required before the end of free trial period. If you do not agree to receive free trial service, you need to notify the sales staff when purchasing the designated monthly service plan.
3. The above promotion is only eligible to new MOOV 24 bit Music Service subscribers who purchased designated 1O1O 5G monthly service plan with designated commitment period, existing service subscribers are excluded.
4. MOOV 24 bit Music Service is limited to personal use only via customer’s handset. Any public or commercial broadcasting is not allowed. CSL Mobile Limited (“1O1O”) reserves the right to take legal action.
5. The quality of music or video streaming varies according to 3G/4G/5G network coverage or handset model used.
6. Applicable to compatible handset only.
7. Provision of this service is subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please visit: https://general.moov.hk/tnc/eventtnc.html for details.
8. The service or charges are subject to amendment without notice. 1O1O reserve the right of final decision.
* csl. 5G VR Service Plan Terms & Conditions:
1. Get csl. 5G VR for two months for free when you purchase designated monthly plan. After free trial, the customer agrees to continue subscribe on monthly basis at HK$78 per month. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. If you do not agree to continue subscribe the services after free trial, 7 days prior notice to us is required before the end of free trial period. If you do not agree to receive free trial service, you need to notify the sales staff when purchasing the monthly plan.
2. If the customer applies for csl. 5G VR Service Plan (“the “Plan”) at the special offer of HK$68 per month, a 24-month commitment period is required. After the commitment period, the customer agrees to continue subscribe on monthly basis at HK$78 per month.
3. To enjoy csl. 5G VR content, please download the csl. 5G VR Android mobile application (the “Application”) onto your mobile phone (Android version 8 or above).
4. After-Hours can only be accessed via the Afterhrs.hk website (the “Service Website”).
5. To enjoy After-Hours service, please download the Now E Android mobile application (the “Application”) onto your mobile phone or tablet or visit the Now E website at http://www.nowe.com (the “Website”) to register for a Now E account. The Application and Website can only be used on certain models of mobile phones, tablet devices and personal computers; namely smart phones (Android version 7 or above), tablets (Android version 7 or above), or personal computers (web browser: Chrome, Safari Firefox and Edge (Windows 10)). Please refer to http://www.nowe.com for the latest requirements for supported devices.
6. The After-Hours content made available or appearing on the Service Website (the “Content”) is restricted to viewers aged 18 or above, and contains adult elements, strong sexuality and disturbing materials, and is subject to regulation by the general laws of Hong Kong, including the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (Cap. 390). In this regard, PCCW Media Limited (“PCCW”) will provide you with a Mature Content Lock PIN (“PIN”) to, amongst other things, access such Content. PCCW will not be responsible for any uses of the PIN provided to you to access and view the Content and/or the Service Website. You are responsible for checking the identity and/or age of any person who wishes or intends to view any such Content before you permit that person to view such Content and for generally ensuring that minors do not access such Content using your login details, PIN and/or password.
7. The Plan is available for subscription by 1O1O customers who have subscribed to the designated mobile service and data plans. The Plan is not applicable to the following service plans.
  • 1O1O 1-FOR-ALL Service Plan (secondary sim user)
8. Mobile data used to access the After-Hours Monthly Plan on Now E in Hong Kong will be deducted from customer’s 1O1O mobile service and data plan.
9. Video quality depends on the customer's mobile device, service location and network coverage and performance. At all times only one video or channel may be streamed on the Service Website.
10. Now E, csl. 5G VR and After-Hours can be used in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for customer’s private domestic viewing only and must not be shown or exhibited for any public or commercial purposes.
11. CSL Mobile Limited (“csl”) is not the supplier of Now E or After-Hours, and makes no representation or guarantee as to its quality and accepts no liability for any matters arising from or in relation to same. Any dispute or complaint in connection with Now E or After-Hours will be referred to PCCW Media Limited (“PCCW”).
12. Now E, the Application, Website and Service Website are provided by PCCW; and the content on Now E and the Service Website is provided by PCCW and/or its licensors. The use of Now E, the Application, Website and Service Website is subject to the “Terms and Conditions of Now E”, “Terms and Conditions of csl. 5G VR application”, and “Terms and Conditions of AFTERHRS.HK” (available for viewing at https://www.nowe.com/tnc/service, csl. 5G VR application and https://www.afterhrs.hk/settings/sntermsnconditions) respectively.
13. If you decide to terminate the Plan, 30 days prior notice is required. If you select to terminate payable the Plan within the commitment period, you must pay the sum of the service fee within the remaining commitment period immediately.
14. The Plan Service or charges are subject to amendment without notice. csl and PCCW reserve the right of final decision.
15. The English version of this Terms and Conditions shall prevail over their Chinese version (if any) which is provided for information purposes only.