“Built-In Secretarial Service” important notice:

According to the Statement “More Efficient Utilisation of the 8-digit Numbering Plan" issued by the Communications Authority in June 24, 2016, some existing paging numbers in the "7(1-3) X" paragraph were re-allocated for mobile services. Therefore, Built-In Secretarial Service (“the Service”) with personal secretarial number comes to an end on 1 April 2021.1O1O is providing support and making related arrangements for the affected customers.


If customer would like to keep the Built-In Secretarial (without personal secretarial number) or any inquiries relating to the service fee, please call 1O1O’s hotline on 2888 1010.


Details of Implementation of Measures for More Efficient Utilisation of the 8-Digit Numbering Plan please refer to relevant website of the Communications Authority: