Enjoy multi-media communications with no boundaries!
Through 1O1O's International MMS service, you can now capture precious moments instantly on your video handset or create your own MMS with graphics, sound and text to send to friends and relatives all over the world.

How to use:

  1. Use your handset to capture a visual or
    Select Message compose Multimedia Message
  2. Key in + countrycode mobile number on the handset and SEND.


Service charge:
The charge for each International MMS sent is HK$5 (Pay as you go) or HK$3 + 1 local MMS.

Please see the International MMS coverage and tariff information.

- For sending or receiving International MMS while roaming, roaming GPRS fee will be applied on top of the above International MMS fee.
- If you send an International MMS to destinations without GPRS data coverage, the MMS will be sent as an International SMS. The recipient can view the MMS content by access through URL provided in the SMS.
- Please check MMS format and size is supported by both handsets before sending/ receiving MMS.