1O1O has always played a proactive role in fighting SMS phishing scams, so takes a pride in helping citizens identify the true sources of SMS, while safeguarding them from phone and SMS scams. This is why we have thrown our weight behind the new Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme, officially launched by the Office of The Communications Authority (OFCA) on 28 December 2023.

As one of the first telecommunications service providers to take part in the SMS Sender ID Registration System, CSL Mobile Limited will now start sending texts* that begin with the“#” symbol as a Registered Sender ID. When you receive a texts with a sender ID containing the“#” symbol, you’ll be immediately aware you have received a message from 1O1O.

* Scheme not applicable to SMS messages to which recipients are expected to reply via the sender’s phone number.

tips on preventing your WhatsApp
account from being hacked:

Enable two-step verification

Check the devices linked to your account on a frequent basis

Never share your password or verification code with anyone

Download software ONLY from official channels

Be cautious of phishing scams using fake WhatsApp web pages

Verify the identity of the party you are transferring money to BEFORE performing the transaction

Be wary of suspicious links

Avoid being added to unknown groups.
How to recover a hacked WhatsApp account:
  1. Reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile device
  2. Enter and confirm your mobile number
  3. Enter the six-digit PIN you receive by SMS
  4. Regain access to your account, after which the hacker will be automatically logged out and unable to use your account.
  • Hackers may have enabled two-factor authentication, so you might need to wait seven days before logging into WhatsApp.
  • When logging in again, WhatsApp will restore only the most recent back-up (if available), so conversations during the period your account was compromised by hackers will not be recoverable.
Enhancing your mobile network security*:
Mobile Security Consultancy
1O1O’s service specialists provide security solutions that suit your mobile habits. This includes checking whether network security safeguards are enabled, running security diagnostics on your phone and assisting you to activate two-factor authentication for WhatsApp.
SafetyNet Network Blocking Service*
1O1O’s SafetyNet Network Blocking Service acts as a network-level safety net to detect whether content contains malicious software, or your security is at risk in any way. This all-round pre-emptive protection grants you peace of mind while online with your mobile device.
Norton Mobile Security for FREE*
In addition, all 1O1O customers are entitled to Norton Mobile Security for FREE, so our specialists will help you activate the protection this offers to enhance your mobile network security.
Call Filtering*
This network-based system detects, analyses and filters out spam and other nuisance calls automatically before they even reach you. No installation needed. Service elements include: Block Anonymous Calls, Personal Blacklist, Whitelist and VIP List, Incoming Overseas Call Alert Service and Filtering Service.

If you have any doubts about a message received, simply forward it by WhatsApp to 6828 1010 and we will check its authenticity for you.
We’re committed to helping you identify messages from unknown sources.

Make an appointment with one of our consultants

*Applicable only to designated 1O1O customers. Terms & Conditions apply.
Details: https://1010.com.hk/network_protect.