Switch to a new device@ for any reason, or opt for screen replacement up to two times within any rolling 12-month period

Dropped? Water damaged?
Or do you simply want to change your device?
Screen replacement also available!

@New one: A replacement device of the same model and colour as your registered device, or choose from a selection of devices of similar generation and price range (subject to availability).

Update your device’s Registered device^

If you get a new phone, you are allowed to update it once in a contract period. Simply update it online to maintain your Restart entitlements.


Get a brand new device or have your damaged device screen replaced

Switch to a new phone:
Delivered to you in as little as six hours.
Screen replacement:
Ready in as little as one working day.

Bolttech could arrange data transfer service to new device when you choose to switch to a new device, please contact Bolttech for details: 5803 2496

Provide your details

Go to https://restart-device.bolttech.hk/hk/en/swap to select a like-for-like or similar device of a similar price range and generation and provide some basic information.


Get a new device

Your shiny new mobile device will be delivered to a location of your choice in as little as six hours.


1O1O How to register a new device for your Restart service


1O1O Restart Service – How to update device IMEI registration


How to request for device screen replacement service


Please click here for the details of designated handset models

For device with original SRP under HK$20,000
(except foldable smartphone)

24/36 Months Plan

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4/ Fold 4

24/36 Months Plan

Subscribe to a 5G service plan

Get up to 2 months' Restart 3.0 Handset Switching Service for FREE when subscribing to a 5G service plan.


WhatsApp one of 1O1O’s sales representatives or visit any 1O1O Centre for details.

Restart Terms and Conditions