Visual Voicemail Service

Manage voicemail with greater flexibility

Messages can be synchronized with your mobile phone via iPhone voicemail. No need to listen to voice messages sequentially. Caller names and numbers will be shown on your handset, so you can view, listen, replay or delete as required.

Service Features
Skip voice call flow, making it faster to select voicemail to listen, replay or delete
Display caller names or phone numbers
Auto synchronization of voicemail, so you are not limited by voice mailbox storage capacity

Fees & How to subscribe


Please visit any 1O1O Center
or simply call our sales hotline 2988 1010 to subscribe now!

How to use
Set Up
New message alert & listen to message
Save message
Delete single message
Save contact
Change greeting
Change VM password
>> Set Up <<
(Compatible with iOS Version 8.0 or above)
>> New message alert & listen to message <<
>> Save message <<
>> Delete single message <<
>> Save contact <<
>> Change greeting <<
>> Change VM password <<
1. Open the dialer as usual.
2. Click ¡§Voicemail¡¨ at the bottom.
3. Press ¡§Set Up Now¡¨.
4. Enter password to be used when calling in to check messages, then press ¡§Done¡¨ in the top right-hand corner.
5. Re-enter password to confirm.
6. If you want to use the default greeting, press ¡§Done¡¨.
7. If not, choose ¡§Custom¡¨.
8. Press ¡§Record¡¨ and voice your greeting.
9. Press ¡§Stop¡¨ when finished.
10. Press ¡§Save¡¨ to complete.
A new voice message prompts
(1) Pop-up notification, and
(2) A bubble on the dialer icon.
1. Open the dialer.
2. Press ¡§Voicemail¡¨ in the bottom right-hand corner.
3. A list of messages are revealed. A blue dot indicates an unread message.
1. Press highlighted play button to run the message.
2. Default mode is via an earpiece. Press "Speaker", if you want to listen via a speaker.
1. Click on the message to reveal detail.
2. Click on the highlighted icon.
3. Choose the app to export
(eg voice memos).
(take voice memos as an example)
4. Open voice memos.
5. See the message exported.
Way 1
1. Click on the message to reveal detail.
2. Click ¡§Delete¡¨.
Way 2
1. Swipe finger left over the message
2. Press ¡§Delete¡¨.
1. Press ¡§Info.¡¨icon.
2. Choose either ¡§Create new Contact¡¨ or ¡§Add to Existing Contact¡¨.
1. Click ¡§Greeting¡¨ in the top left-hand corner.
2. Choose ¡¥¡¨Default¡¨ or ¡§Custom¡¨.
3. If ¡§Custom¡¨, press ¡§Record¡¨ and voice your greeting.
4. Press ¡§Stop¡¨ when finished recording.
5. Press ¡§Save¡¨ to complete.
1. Select ¡§Phone¡¨ on Settings.
2. Select ¡§Change Voicemail Password¡¨.
3. Enter the password, then press ¡§Done¡¨.
4. Re-enter the password, then press ¡§Done¡¨.

When I delete a message on my device, will it be deleted from the voicemail system? Answer
When I delete a message from the voicemail system call flow, will it be deleted from my device? Answer
When a message has expired and deleted from the voicemail system, will it be deleted from my device? Answer
Can I continue to use visual voicemail, if connected to Wi-Fi? Answer
Answer¡GYes. However, the visual voicemail app uses mobile data to connect to the voicemail system.
Can I continue to use visual voicemail, if I have no data roaming but connect to Wi-Fi? Answer
Answer¡GNo. The visual voicemail app can only be used when mobile data service is available.
Can I continue to use visual voicemail, If I¡¦m roaming and have inserted a prepaid local data SIM? Answer
Answer¡GNo. Visual voicemail uses your regular SIM card for identity purposes. Once the SIM card is removed from the phone, it cannot connect to the voicemail system to retrieve messages from your mailbox.
Will I lose stored messages after inserting a second SIM in my phone? And can I access them after re-inserting the initial SIM? Answer
Answer¡GiPhone will remove all previously-stored messages immediately you switch to another SIM card. After inserting your initial SIM card, you will only be able to retrieve messages still available in the voicemail system.
Can I turn off visual voicemail temporarily, so I do not consume my roaming data entitlement? Answer
Answer¡GNo. Visual voicemail cannot be turned off when being used on device.
I¡¦m roaming, so can visual voicemail be activated after I insert the SIM card? Answer
Answer¡GNo. Visual voicemail can only be activated while in Hong Kong.

Call the 1O1O Product Hotline on 2988 1010
or visit a 1O1O Center for details.

Terms & Conditions:
  • To use the Visual Voicemail Service (¡§The Service¡¨) on iPhone, you must use the Voicemail button on your iPhone. For android handsets, please download the designated mobile app.
  • The Service is supported by designated mobile devices and designated operating systems, please visit here to check compatibility of your handset.
  • Standard data roaming charges apply while using the Service abroad; please see for pricing details.
  • The Service cannot be used via Wi-Fi connection.
  • To switch off the Service during roaming, you must only do so from the ¡§mobile roaming data¡¨ settings of your handset.
  • When mobile data usage is switched off, voicemail will switch back to SMS alert automatically, and you can check voice messages by calling to our voicemail system.
  • If the Service is terminated or suspended due to whatever reasons, the voicemail archive in our server and the voicemail archive saved on your handset will be deleted simultaneously.
  • The Service is not applicable on prepaid SIM cards.
  • The Service is subject to the Mobile Service Agreement of CSL Mobile Limited, please visit here for details.
  • If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.