3G IDD 001 International Video Call service and 3G Roaming Video Call service will be ceased starting from May 31, 2021. For inquiries, call our free 24-hour international toll-free hotline on +852 28881010.
International Video Call - Bring the world closer to you.
Do you find it hard to express your message clearly to your friends, relatives or business partners via traditional voice telephone call? Now there's a solution! 1O1O International Video Call gives you the choice to talk face-to-face with your overseas counterparts under our 3G/4G coverage. And together with the IDD 001 service, you can freely enjoy your video calls.

How to make International Video Call?
Select video call mode in your handset and dial number as an IDD 001 call:

International Access Code (+ / 001) + Country Code + Area Code (if any) + Local Telephone Number

Enjoy this International Video Call rates now:
Called Destination Standard Rate (per min.)
Australia $3.00
United Kingdom $8.00
South Korea $5.00
Singapore $3.00
Japan $5.00
Taiwan $3.00
Macau $1.00
Malaysia $5.00
Indonesia $6.00
Philippines $4.00

Tariff and Coverage

Remarks :

  1. Customer must have registered video call and IDD service for making international video calls.
  2. With effect from 1 Jan 2017, International Video Call service will no longer support calls to China number. Should you have any enquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline on 2888 1010.
  3. International Video Call is applicable to video call enabled handset under 3G or 4G coverage.
  4. Customer can make international video calls to mobile phones of overseas 3G network with video call subscription only. For details, please refer to overseas 3G network operators.

1O1O Customer Services Hotline: 2888 1010