Viu Paid members can enjoy a wide array of the latest Asian dramas, Japanese anime and classic TV shows, Viu Premium+ members can even enjoy unlimited access to the entire movie library! More paid features are as below:
@ Movies from Now E Movie Combo including MOViE MOViE PLAY and Now Baogu
* Viu’s Smart TV app is compatible with designated Samsung, LG, Sony and Apple TV models and TV casting is possible with Chromecast and Airplay, and do not apply to Movies and other selected programs
^ Customer is required to subscribe to 12-month or longer commitment period
# Applicable to existing "Viu Premium Service" users only
Viu Paid Service (“the Service”) Terms and Conditions:
  1. “Viu Paid Service” means “Viu Premium” and/or “Viu Premium+” (as applicable in the context).
  2. Viu Premium Service at the subscription fee of HK$28, a 12-month or more commitment period is required. Subscribers can enjoy the following functions: dramas, access with a smart TV, downloads, no video ads and Full HD quality.
  3. Viu Premium+ subscribers can enjoy the following functions: Movies from Now E Movie Combo including MOViE MOViE PLAY and Now Baogu, dramas, access with a smart TV, downloads, no video ads and Full HD quality
  4. “Viu Premium+ Service Add-on pass” at the subscription fee of HK$50 and this offer only applicable to existing “Viu Premium Service” to upgrade to “Viu Premium Service”. Subscribers must continue paying the existing “Viu Premium Service” monthly fee (if any).
  5. Downloaded videos can be retained by the Viu app for 7 days only.
  6. The Service is provided by PCCW OTT (Hong Kong) Limited (“PCCW”) and is provided pursuant to the Viu terms and conditions set out in
  7. The Service is provided to customers from CSL Mobile Limited (“1O1O”) who subscribed for certain of 1O1O’s mobile service plans with data (“1O1O plan(s)”). To utilize the Service, you are required to subscribe for the Service and download and successfully install the Viu app from Google Play or App Store through eligible mobile devices. In order to use the Service, you will be required to register for a Viu account, and acknowledge and accept certain terms and conditions and the personal information collection statement of PCCW.
  8. The Service is available in Chinese and with Chinese subtitles, and some content also has English subtitles.
  9. If you are using local mobile data to access to the Service, the utilized data usage will be deducted from the entitlement of your 1O1O plan. Your usage of the 1O1O plan is subject to the terms and conditions of 1O1O []. You will have to top up charges if your usage exceeds your monthly data entitlements under your 1O1O plan.
  10. You shall not, or permit any other person to sell, reproduce, copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, re-transmit, modify, exploit the Services or any of its contents by any means or reverse engineer any content consisting of downloadable software.
  11. The Service’s programs and content are only for your personal viewing and access. You shall not, or permit any other person to show, play, use, access or view the Service and its content for any public or commercial purpose in any place.
  12. PCCW reserves the right to edit, change, withdraw and/or withhold any programs or content on the Service at any time without notice and for any reason.
  13. The use and the provision of the Service are governed by the relevant terms and conditions of the Service by PCCW ( and 1O1O (, respectively, as amended from time to time. You shall be deemed to have agreed to and be bound by such terms and conditions of Service upon the downloading and opening of the Viu App.
  14. Video quality depends on your mobile device, service location, network coverage and usage.
  15. 1O1O is not the provider of the Service and hence 1O1O does not provide any representations or warranties regarding the Service.
  16. PCCW is not the provider of 1O1O plans and hence PCCW does not provide any representations or warranties regarding the 1O1O plans or any related mobile services.
  17. You acknowledge that should you subscribe for the Service via 1O1O, 1O1O shall act as the billing agent to bill you for the use of the Service and shall receive from you the fees for the Service.
  18. Your subscription for the Service will form part of the Mobile Service Agreement between 1O1O and yourself. .
  19. Should there be any inconsistencies between the English version and any other language versions (if any) of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.