Newly subscribe to, or renew, a service plan, and purchase an Android handset for more than HK$2,000, can get a double reward worth HK$1,116

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Black Shark 4

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G


Mobile Safety Tips

With Android, protection is thoughtfully built into everything you do. Like downloading apps, browsing the web and choosing to share data. If anything seems off, like a bad app or a harmful link, Android will alert you and give you tips on what to do next. And Android’s powerful internal security guards your device and data.

1.Avoid bad apps
Google Play Protect carefully scan apps every day, and if we detect a bad one, we’ll let you know and tell you what to do next.

2.Keep accounts secure
When you enter a password into an app on your phone using Autofill with Google, we will check it against a list of known compromised passwords. If there's a match, we'll alert you, so you can take action.

3.Avoid shady websites
Google Safe Browsing protecting you from dangerous websites and malicious files.

The above information is provided by android Safety Centre.

Everything here is Teacher Approved
Awesome apps for kids. Handpicked by teachers.

Finding great apps for kids just got easier. Google Play teamed up with academic experts and teacheds across the country to highlight apps that stand out in quality.

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Android handset plan double reward Terms & Conditions:
  1. This reward is only applicable to customer who purchases the designated Android handset and subscribes a 4G/5G handset plan with a monthly fee of $198 or more plus value-added services to the value of at least HK$39. Must agree to a 24-month commitment period and pay an additional monthly administrative fee of HK$18, and payment of the handset price will be paid.

  2. Designated Android handsets include all Android phones carrying a retail price of HK$2,000 or more. Excludes HUAWEI phones.

  3. This offer is divided into two parts: Google Play spending rebate and free Safety Net service.

  4. The Google Play spending rebate of the offer is applicable only when using csl Direct Carrier Billing service to pay for any purchases made in Google Play. If a customer subscribes to Multi-User Service, the spending rebate applies only to spending associated with the primary SIM.

  5. Google Play instant rebate details:
    1. Google Play rebate refers to all Google Play transactions billed during that month.
    2. Maximum rebate is HK$30 per month.
    3. The rebate is limited to the first three billing months. During the first billing month, the subscriber is entitled to HK$30, even if it is not a complete billing month.
    4. The rebate will be credited during the current billing month.
    5. All remaining rebate entitlement will be forfeited during the current month and cannot be carried forward to the next month

  6. Safety Net service: Customers purchasing a designated Android handset plan qualify to have the first 24 months’ fees waived. The Service is supported by designated mobile devices and designated operating systems. Please check to ensure compatibility of the Service with your mobile device.

  7. For SafetyNet Terms & Conditions, please go to:

  8. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is only available for designated locations with the use of compatible devices. Actual speeds customers experience will be less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other extraneous factors. In areas outside of our 5G coverage, you will be provided with a 3G and/or 4G Mobile Service.

  9. The information of Mobile Safety Tips is provided by Android Safety Center. Learn more: