Enjoy great Savings with 1O1O’s HomeCall Service to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

Here's how it works. Simply dial the following:

  • *
  • 100
  • *
  • 8-Digit HK Tel. No.
  • #
  • Send


The HomeCall system will call you back. Answer the call and you will be connected to the number you called. Your Caller Mobile number(in 8-digit format) will be displayed as well. For the full details of the HomeCall Service, Please click here.

Remember to cancel call forwarding before using HomeCall.


  1. For customers who do not wish to display the Caller identity, the HomeCall dialing practice should be: *100*133[local or international destination number]#
  2. HomeCall Service is only available in GSM roaming destinations.
  3. When using HomeCall Service, even though the called Hong Kong number is busy or no answer, airtime will still be charges.