1O1O exclusively presents(1)
the ROG Phone 5s Series


AirTrigger 5

Stunning 144Hz/1ms Samsung AMOLED display

Monster 6000 mAh battery 65W supercharger

Handsets come complete with Qualcomm® SDM 888+ CPU and support a 144Hz refresh rateand 360 Hz native touch-sampling rate – making it ideal for pro gamers!

Sign up to a designated ROG Phone 5s Series 5G Prestige service plan NOW to qualify for the following privileges(2):

Get up to $5,000 Clubpoints to redeem e-Sport Accessory(3)

Wireless Gaming Headset
Normally: $1,320
Special price: $4,800

Enter the exciting era of 5G with gaming privileges

local data entitlement offer(4)

Extra 30GB of local data per month so you can enjoy a 5G gaming experience

5G gaming privilege

Mobile game data waiver package(5)

Purchase mobile gaming(6)via 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing

Terms & Conditions:
Offer valid until further notice.
To activate the 5G function, it is required to subscribe the designated 5G service and/or service plan. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is only available for designated locations with the use of compatible devices. Actual speeds customers experience will be less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other extraneous factors. 5G network coverage is subject to the actual coverage of network provider. In areas outside of our 5G coverage, you will be provided with a 3G and/or 4G Mobile Service.
Photos are for reference only. Offer available while stocks last. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, offers or promotions. In the event of dispute, decisions made by CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding. For details, please contact a member of our 1O1O Center staff or call 2988 1010.
(1) CSL Mobile Limited is the Exclusive dealer of ROG Phone 5s Series among the mobile network service operators in Hong Kong. The handset functions and performance are provided by the supplier.
(2) The above offer applies only to customer subscribing to a designated service plan, designated VAS to the value of HK$39/month and designated number of additional SIM service (if applicable), and agreeing to a commitment period of 24 months. Also payable is an MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month, plus a prepayment sum, which will be rebated to your 1O1O account by installments during the commitment period. If terminate the service before the expiry of the Commitment Period, then you will need to pay immediately the early termination charges, which is sum of the monthly fee for remaining commitment period, described in the Application, and we may charge you for the full value of the premiums you received.
(3) Customers must register and activate The Club membership account in order to earn Clubpoints. Clubpoints will be credited to The Club member’s account within 14 days upon the service activation. The calculation and redemption of Clubpoints subject to related terms and conditions of Club HKT Limited, for details, please visit The Club website www.theclub.com.hk.
(4) An extra 30GB of local 5G data per month is applicable for 80GB or above 5G service plan in the commitment period only.
(5) Mobile Game Data Waiver Package Terms & Conditions:
  • You must be an existing 1O1O 5G service plan subscriber to qualify for the Mobile Game Data Waiver Package*. This offer does not include data usage when downloading or updating a game, and covers only local data usage after logging into a game. Any waiver of charge in respect of local data usage applies only in Hong Kong. * Please refer to 1O1O webpage for the announcement of the games are covered by Mobile Game Data Waiver Package from time to time.
  • All domains or Internet protocol addresses for FREE data games are provided by the game provider. If the game provider is unable to provide FREE data because of modifying its game domain or Internet protocol address, then CSL Mobile Limited will not bear any losses incurred by customers.
  • CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to adjust games in respect of the Mobile Game Data Waiver Package without notice. Please refer to www.1010.com.hk for details.
(6) 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing Terms & Conditions: