Mobile storage defragmentation

1O1O customers are entitled to mobile data storage defragmentation to free up space by deleting useless junk data from a phone, plus help to back up their data to the cloud.

Mobile device data transfer2

1O1O customers are entitled to Mobile device data transfer service FREE of charge. Transferring data from old to new handset is a major task for many users. If you want to have it done quickly and easily, a 1O1O handset expert will be happy to handle the job for you.

OS supported: iOS and Android. Same or cross platform data transfer


Professional handset tutorial

Handset functionality now changes almost by the day, making new models difficult to use for some customers. 1O1O therefore provides a convenient and practical handset tutorial, allowing customers to get the very best from their hand-held devices.

Mobile Security Consultancy

Huge volumes of personal information are processed via mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks, so the slightest gap in your security could expose you to malicious software or fake websites.

Failure to act immediately could spell disaster, so allow 1O1O’s service specialists to provide security solutions that suit your mobile habits



Trade-in your old phone for a new model and get a 7-day price guarantee. Check your old phone’s trade-in price NOW!


Delivery to authorised handset repair centre

Quality experience include on site consultation, sterilization and follow up by specialist.


Handset disinfection

1O1O is keen to promote personal hygiene, so we are pleased to help you keep your handset free of infection.

Screen protector replacement3

1O1O customers visiting a 1O1O Center are entitled to a FREE screen protector. A member of staff will be happy to replace your screen protector for FREE.
or cross platform data transfer

Terms & Conditions:
1. Promotion runs until further notice. Applicable only to 1O1O customers.
2. Content transfer lead time may vary and depends on model and volume of content. Transferring different file types between old and new handset may lead to content not being transferred in its entirety. The Mobile Content Transfer Service is not available to devices that have been modified in an unauthorized manner (eg jailbroken). Customers are strongly advised to back-up all data and information on their device prior to requesting Mobile Content Transfer Service.
3. Applicable only to designated handsets.
4. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data and/ or content on the mobile equipment before repair /inspection. CSL Mobile Limited (香港移動通訊有限公司) expressly disclaims all or any liability for any loss ( including any loss of data and content) or damage (including any damage to mobile equipment) suffered by the customer or any other persons arising, directly or indirectly, from the repair inspection or data transfer service. You must collect your mobile equipment within one month. Otherwise, we reserve the right to dispose the uncollected mobile equipment after the above mentioned period. And we will have the right to charge your 1O1O account for our repair costs.1O1O is not the repair services provider and makes no warranty or representation regarding the quality of the repair services, 1O1O accepts no liability for any matters arising from or in relation to same. The repair services are subject to other terms and conditions as prescribed by us from time to time. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right of final determination.
5. Customer must present invoice from local designated retailers or dealers for maintenance. *Designated retailers or dealers please refer to the following websites:
6. Repair service will not accept any Apple or Samsung mobile equipment which is parallel imports, purchased from an unauthorized dealer or altered, if the above situation is found may subject to inspection charge.
7. If the repaired mobile phone is out of the warranty period, may subject to inspection charge.
Terms & Conditions apply. In the event of dispute, CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right of final determination.