Enjoy convenience and privacy protection with Roaming Call Management Service. This includes roaming voicemail and home ring-back tone.
Service Plan        Fees Service Description
Monthly Plan        $48/month Roaming Voicemail, Home Ring-Back Tone and Call Number Display
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Roaming Voicemail / Secretarial Service
Using Voice Mail while roaming
When you are traveling abroad, customers can continue to enjoy Voice Mail as if still in Hong Kong.
To ensure your Voice Mail works properly while roaming, please note the followings:
  - Please press [##002#SEND] to cancel all types of call forwarding before you leave Hong Kong. This will also protect you from any unnecessary roaming charges incurred by manual call forwarding.
  - Via your mobile phone. You will need to pay the roaming charges similar to that incurred when making a call to Hong Kong.
  - Via a local landline: You will need to pay a local service provider's IDD charges.
  - While roaming, no additional charge will be made for receiving Voice Mail alert SMS messages.
  Using Secretarial Service while roaming
  To ensure your Secretarial Service works properly while roaming, please note the followings:
  If you have set call forwarding to your secretarial number in Hong Kong, the service will continue to work while roaming.
While roaming, no additional charge will be made for receiving Secretarial Service alert SMS messages.
  Quick access to Voicemail
If you have signed up Roaming Call Management Service, the quickest way to listen to your voicemail while traveling abroad is via Short Code #101# Send
After sending this command, the system will call you back within a few seconds. Answer the call and you will be connected to Voicemail directly as you do in Hong Kong
In destinations where Roaming Caller Number Display Service (CND) is available, the voicemail number +852 9886 6622 will be shown when the system calls back to indicate it is from your voicemail
Remember to cancel call forwarding via ##002# before you dial to Voicemail.
To select Hong Kong Home Ringing Tone or an Overseas Home Ringing Tone. Simply dial the following codes with your handset: *136*9#

Home Ring-Back Tone

Enjoy greater privacy wherever you go.

The Home Ring-Back Tone service enables you to enjoy greater privacy while roaming. After you subscribe to the service, the Hong Kong connecting tone will be activated automatically while you are roaming. Regardless of where you may be, your caller will hear the standard local connecting tone under normal condition, as if you are in Hong Kong. The subscription process is easy and hassle free.

To select Home Ring-Back Tone or an Overseas Home Ring-Back Tone, simply dial the following codes with your handset:

With Effective from 18 June 2013
For Hong Kong Home Ring-Back Tone

* 136 * 9 #

For Overseas Home Ring-Back Tone

* 136 * 9 #

To check which Ring-Back Tone is in use

* 136 * 9 #

Caller Number Display

The Caller Number Display service is available in over 50 roaming destinations globally.

If you have already activated line blocking function (not to display your phone numbers under all circumstances), your number will not be displayed while roaming. If not, you can press #31# to block your phone number. For example, by dialing [#31#][International Access Code][852][28881010], your phone number will not be shown.

For full details of the Roaming Caller Number Display Service, please refer to Coverage & Charges information.