1O1O customers can send SMS messages to mobiles of overseas networks by simply following these 3 easy steps.


  1. Compose the message with your handset
  2. Key in + country code mobile phone number
  3. Send


See destinations and operators that support International SMS

International Short Message Service Tariff
Package Sending from HK
(HK$ per SMS)
Sending from overseas
(HK$ per SMS)
Receiving from overseas
(HK$ per SMS)
SMS Package customer $2 + deduct 1 SMS quota $5 $0
Non-SMS Package customer $3 $5 $0
Terms and Conditions
  1. International Short Message Service ("ISMS") supports text messages only. One message is equivalent to 70 Chinese characters or 160 English letters.
  2. Charges are applicable to each SMS sent, whether or not transmission is successful.
  3. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to suspend the use of ISMS if you use it improperly.

International Short Message Service is available in major destinations where CSL Mobile Limited has in place GSM roaming agreement with operators and service availability is dependant upon overseas operators. For details of available destinations and overseas operators, please refer to our website.