5G x MIRROR | csl. x MIRROR collectables

Immerse yourself in a refreshing network experience made possible by 5G
technology AND join hands with MIRROR
to experience the world differently!

csl. 5G x MIRROR SIM cards

Fans can choose from 12 different designs of SIM card – one style for each individual MIRROR member – plus a team version!


csl. x MIRROR AR calendar

Simply download the csl. 5G Lens app, register as a user, then go to the MIRROR Zone and scan the image corresponding with the current calendar month, using your phone’s camera. This will convert the static image into a video revealing secret messages from MIRROR members.


csl. x MIRROR collectable cards

Total 36 of the full set of collectable cards will be issued, twelve of which will feature special AR effects. Simply download the csl. 5G Lens app, register as a user, go to the MIRROR Zone and scan the collectable AR-version cards. Then use your phone’s camera to turn static images into videos that reveal interesting trivia about MIRROR members.

Scan three AR-version collectable cards carrying consecutive numbers and various videos will be merged to reveal a MIRROR story in magical fashion.


csl. x MIRROR booklet

Also available is a collectable booklet you can use to keep csl. 5G x MIRROR SIM cards, plus the full set of collectable cards.


First-of-its-kind limited-edition csl. x MIRROR AR-enabled poster

Simply scan the poster’s image through the “csl. 5G Lens” app to change MIRROR men from static to dynamic images. What’s more, you can restore a dynamic image to the static portrayal displayed by the outdoor billboard.


csl. x MIRROR poster

Fans can choose from 12 designs of poster – each mirroring each individual MIRROR member!


csl. x MIRROR mini-poster set



Enter the MIRROR Zone via the 1O1O App to scan the QR code on collectable cards to save an electronic version in your app. Customers can also download an exclusive MIRROR ringtone, mobile phone wallpaper and WhatsApp sticker.

Get the Viu Premium app and MOOV 24-bit Music Service featuring a playlist of MIRROR hits and the latest MIRROR news.
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csl. 5G Lens*


WhatsApp Sticker
Required WhatsApp version for animated sticker:
For Android: 2.20194.16 or newer
For iOS: 2.20.70 or newer

Required file format of ringtone:
For Android: .mp3
For iOS: .m4r

Wallpaper 4K Wallpaper size: 2160 x 3840 px