1O1O China-HK-Macau 5G Prestige Service

1O1O China-HK-Macau Service Plan allows you to enjoy 1O1O quality network and
roaming services in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

1O1O China-HK-Macau Prestige Service
Commitment period 24 / 36 months
Monthly fee (SIM connection) (1)
$349 $459 $659
Local mobile and roaming mobile data usage(1)
(For sharing in Hong Kong, mainland China & Macau)
12GB 25GB 50GB

Unlimited (Max 512kmbps)
Local data(1)
10GB 50GB 100GB
Thereafter charges for local mobile and roaming mobile data(2)
$28 / 1GB

$98 / 5GB
Local voice call minutes(3) Unlimited
Roaming voice minutes (Min)(4)
100 200 200
Thereafter charges for Roaming voice minutes (Min)(5) Make calls from China/ Macau to China/ Hong Kong/ Macau
$0.5/ min
IDD(6) Make calls from Hong Kong to China and Macau
$0.25/ min
ClubPoints(7) 2,000
Local Intra-network SMS(8) 500
Local Intra-network MMS(9) 200
1O1O privileges
171010 personal assistant
Norton Mobile Securityα
Home Contents and Emergency Assistance Protection PlusΩ
(arranged by HKT Care)
Complimentary value-added service
1O1O China HK 1-Card-2-Number^
Waived WeChat local data@
KingKing voice roaming service
Connect to Wi-Fi or mobile network provides unlimited romaing voice calls to Hong Kong
(12 months Complimentary service)
2 Months MOOV 24 bit Music Service~
Viu Premium Service&
2-months Restart 3.0 Handset Switch Service=
Get Google One 100GB cloud storage until 15 Nov 2024
Keep your memories and files safe+
Local data wavier for
Now Player and Now E app**

Call the 1O1O Product Hotline on 2988 1010
or visit a 1O1O Center for details

Terms & Conditions: