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One-stop infotainment platform: Almost 9,000 hours of Asia Dramas variety show, international sports events, news and finance.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean
dramas on-demand

Viu: Latest Asia dramas release closely to local premiere

High quality Chinese series

Top-rated and first-run title drama series from mainland China played 24/7.

24/7 Chinese variety shows

Choice of high-quality Chinese entertainment programs featuring top Asian celebrities and running round the clock.

Live matches
and highlights

Diverse array of sporting events, including BWF World Tour, PSM highlights of soccer matches, tennis and variety sports.

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Terms and conditions for Now Select:
  1. “Now Select” at the subscription fee of HK$39 per month, a 24-month or above commitment period is required (“The Offer”). For the service content details, please visit Eligible customers can waive monthly fee at HK$39 for first 2 months during contract commitment period. Only selected customers may enjoy this offer.
  2. You must pay us Early Termination Fee if you terminate the Now Select before expiry of the Commitment Period, which shall be the sum of the monthly service fee for the remaining months of the Commitment Period. After the Commitment Period, the Service will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis at HK$39 per month until you provide us 30days prior notice to cancel.
  3. The content of Now Select includes: Bilingual Drama, Now Chinese Drama, NowJelli, ViuTV, Viu, Now Sports 1, Now Sports Prime, Now News, Now Direct and Now Business News Channel.
  4. The recommended retail price of Now Select is HK$88/month.
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